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New CDC Guidelines have been put in place to keep us all as safe as possible.  Please read the following guidelines to properly prepare for your next visit.  



  • Please complete a COVID-19 Informed Consent to Treat form and bring with you to your visit.  Completing this form ahead of time will allow more time for treatment when you arrive.  

  • Please cancel your appointment if you:  **Late cancelation fees will be waived for any of these conditions. 

  • Experience any of the following SIGNS & SYMPTOMS:


        Fever (100.4 or above) or chills


        Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


        Muscle or body aches


        New loss of taste or smell

        Sore throat

        Congestion or runny nose

        Nausea or vomiting


  • Tested positive for COVID-19.  This is required for both of us.

  • Have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19


  • Please prepare for your comfort:

Please bring a lightweight sheet to cover yourself during treatments.  A twin size bed sheet  (or lighter weight) is optimal so that it can be rested gently over or around needles during treatment as well as keep you comfortable and covered when clothing must be removed to needle specific areas of the torso, lower body, or legs.​


Wear appropriate clothing for your treatment.  You may also opt to wear or change into clothing that is appropriate for your treatment session such as shorts and a tee shirt.  For women, please avoid wearing athletic bras where there is no back open/closure as this can present difficulty when needling areas of the back.  


  • Only the patient is permitted to be in the room during a treatment session to continue social distancing rules.  


  • No children/minors are permitted in the office unless they are a patient. Please arrange for childcare in advance.  Please call if you have other circumstances that need assistance with your visit. 




  • Please arrive on time.  Treatment sessions will be spaced out with enough time to disinfect the room between patients.  Please note that an arrival of later than 15 mins from your treatment session start time will be considered a no show and there will be a late fee of $120.00 charged. 

  • Face masks must be worn at all times upon entering the building and during treatment (I will do my best to avoid points on the face or treatments unless necessary for the most effective treatment).  Should you require a face mask, I will have them for sale at $1.00/each.

  • Please text me when you arrive and wait in your car.  I will come to the entrance to greet you. 

  • A temperature check with a touchless thermometer and pre-screening will be performed prior to your session. Any fever above 100.4 will be turned away from treatment.  There will be no late cancel fee if you are sent home. 

  • Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer.




  • Payments will be collected and any scheduling will be done at the beginning of each session so that you can enjoy your treatment time.  

  • Vinyl table coverings will be used in order to prevent transmission of micro-droplets and to sanitize surface areas effectively between patients. Disposable table paper and headrest coverings will continue to be used. 

  • Social distancing will be practiced while you are under treatment.

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